March 23, 2009

Low CGPA? Worried about scholarship? Ok,sit tight...

I'm an engineering student and is obsessed with the thought to go abroad,especially to USA or Europe. But I found,when seriously thinking about the subject,that I actually know nothing about getting a scholarship or how to apply for it. From my country every year some people go abroad for study with proper funding. So I was trying to collect info from them. Now, I know something about the procedure.
I think I should write them so that others may find something practical in the web. What I know now are the previous experiences of our senior BUETians. They shared
their experiences and views and we know from these. What I'm going to write are fully taken from the yahoo groups BUETian. I'll write the preliminary ideas and will share their experiences later. Actually,those experiences will make the best part of your understanding about the topic.

I'm listing some points today and will write elaborately in later posts.

1. GRE is the most important fact that most of the time matters alone in order to
get a scholarship.
2. The common concept of having high cgpa (as a mandatory condition) is not
correct, though it is highly important if you are hoping to get a chance at a top
3. Low CGPA does get scholarships, so cheer up.
4. There are some differences between M.Sc. and M.Engg.
5. The way someone should act when a professor calls from abroad.(will be written in the later posts)
6. Always apply for several scholarships.
7. See the criteria of selecting a university.
8. You should download the pdf file from this link. (From skydrive-hotmail)
9. Korea and Singapore can be a destination (for PhD) also.
10. You should not make your CV so large that will disturb your professor.