October 22, 2012

Analytics tracking problem in new Blogger template

Recently I have created a new blogger/blogspot blog and inserted a google analytics code I have done it many times before in blogger and never faced any problem (apart from this 'www' problem). However, today I faced a news problem in new blogger templates.

I inserted the tracking code in 'edit html' mode just before the closing head tag
. However, anaytics did not find the code and showed me that tracking is not installed. After some trial and error, I found the following work around.
1. Go to settings » other, find the 'Analytics Web property ID' in Blogger admin dashboard
2. Go to analytics admin dashboard, find your desired web property ID
3. Insert it in the place found in step-01
4. Go to 'Template' in blogger admin dashboard
5. Scroll to the end of page, you will find 'Revert to classic template'
6. Click on it, and revert to classic template
7. Go to analytics admin dashboard, you should see tracking is now in installed state message
8. Come back to Blogger admin dashboard, change your template to any modern template, whatever you wish. You should see the analytics tracking is still working as it did on my case. Check it with some real time data.

And its done. :-)
If you find anything dissimilar, please write it in the comment. If you have any relevant post, please share it with me. If you need to comeback again, just bookmark the page.


  1. hello this doesnt seem to work. can you help

    1. Well, even I have faced some difficulties regarding GA recently, following my above steps and http://qyerty.blogspot.com/2012/07/solved-google-analytics-tracking-not.html , I was unable to solve it right away. However, after nearly one day I noticed all is well and GA is recieving data. I dont know what happended. May be GA is having some issues. What I can suggest, just follow steps I have followed and wait for one day. However, I think the problem is some automatic script inserting a JS just before closing head tag. You may try to insert your GA code before the closing body tag as well. Sometime it works.

  2. Thanks for the post, I thought it might work but looks like I failed, along with all my other attempts. I've tried inserting it as a HTML/Java widget like someone else suggested and had no joy either. I'd love to hear if you found another way to do it yet? Thanks!

    1. Hello Dominika, have you tried this method at(http://qyerty.blogspot.com/2012/07/solved-google-analytics-tracking-not.html)? It worked for me alternatively.

  3. Thank you, buddy. It works :-)