March 17, 2009

Create a secure password ; know how to do it

A password is of little value if it's easily guessed by an intruder. Obviously, you should not use your name or something equally transparent. However,even a random word provides a little security against a determined intruder-some hackers use tools that try every word in the dictionary. By observing the following guide lines, you can create a password that is difficult to crack in a reasonable amount of time.

# Most important of all, check and double check the website address in the address bar, it will keep you safe from being scammed.

# Use at least eight characters. Longer is better,which is why
some security experts suggest to use pass phrase. A password or phrase can include spaces and punctuation; in windows, the maximum length is 127 characters.

# Use a mixture of uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers and punctuation.

# Avoid including your name or user name in the password.

# Use random sequences instead of words or intersperse numbers and punctuation within words( for example, Bo~!jROniNAd)

# You may create different password for different sites by modifying your existing password. For example,if you use bojroninad in one site, use 2ojroninad in another just by replacing b by 2.

With a little thought, it's pretty easy to come up with a password that is memorable and secure. For example-start with a phrase about yourself or your hobbies- one that you can easily remember, such as I'm addicted to travel. Make a few letter substitution, misspell a few words and you amy come up with I'm +icted to trabe!l.

And forget to write your password in any places, just keep them in your mind.