March 27, 2009

I've some textbook related question,but no body can answer!!!!!

As I'm a bad student and couldn't make time for my study, I've to tolerate that most of my question are going unanswered. But I didn't like that. So I started searching for some online help and find a website called This site is visited by people who are passionate to their subject and they are really helpful. They really help to find the answers.

This site has exciting features including textbook help, Q&A board, Resources, Practice and Study blogs.
The textbook help feature is amazing. They let you choose specific subject such as math,biology,electrical engg. mechanical engg. physics etc.

Then they let you choose some books on your subject. They support 6 books on biology, 25 on chemistry, 25 on CSE, 25 on EEE, 119 on Math, 14 on ME and 65 on Physics. When you choose a category,they will show you the name
of the books supported and then you can find chapter wise solution.

This site also got a page for question and answer. You can ask and answer a question there.

They have another option for practice.You know the importance of that!!!!

And as a bonus,you can find some resources which can be very helpful.

And dear friends,take a look at their electrical engineering collection.That's really rich.

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