February 26, 2009

Bangladesh Riflels rebels , many army officer and BDR personel killed

Today at morning, when a ceremony has just begun at DORBAR HALL at Pilkhana BDR Headquarter, some soldiers enter and start shooting at normal soldiers and higher officials. They are probably a large group and have already taken control of BDR Headquarter. They also took a public market just beside the their headquarter under their control. These rebels are heavily armed and they are shooting towards the Bangladesh Army and RAB(Rapid action battalion). Also, they took the control of two college inside their premise and black smoke is seen coming out from these college campuses.

The reason of such rebellion, according to them, is the inequality in salary and some operation they have conducted for people in recent days by the governments order. One BDR soldier managed to come out when the incident happens and he went to surrender according to the government order, but local police has not arrested him. He says he does not know the reason behind this rebellion and he escaped just the moment he heard the sound of gunfire.

Bangladesh Army took position surrounding the BDR Headquarter and they are heavily armed. TV channel live broadcast shows that they are preparing for heavy fighting. Army is carrying machine gun and some canons of small size. Also, helicopter is seen in the sky above the BDR Headquarter. They were dropping hand bills for BDR soldiers from the helicopter.

Bangladesh government take this matter very seriously and they told that they want to talk with the rebels and Prime-minister will talk personally to these rebels. One under secretary and the Chief whip of Jatio Sangsad is already present at the position to talk with them. State minister is given the responsibilty to control the situation.

To see video footage of this incident, click here.(this link is forbidden from today morning,so far I know)