February 21, 2009

11 points you should ask yourself before you marry

Check these things before you marry:
Marriage is likely to be the most important subject of your life. So , before you go on, ask yourself a few questions.
1. How much do you earn, is that sufficient?
2. How much you understand women.
3. How much tolerant you are.
4. Are you physically fit?
5. How much you respect others.
6. Are you capable of changing your decision if necessary?
7. Are you a man of short temper, or like to observe where the situation goes?
8. How do you express your anger? Do you shout, break things!!! (Don’t do that, it will make situation worse and will make you loser at the end.)
9. Are you a bit squeaky?
10. Can you value others good sides or characteristic?
11. Do you suffer from superiority complex?

If you are in love and are in a desperate situation to marry, then you have no need to ask yourself the above questions. But if you think that you have organized your life and now you are ready to marry, then to be sure about that, you need to ask yourself the above questions. And please do not suggest yourself to marry unless you get positive and pro-active answers from your heart. It will just make the life hell if you choose a wrong decision about the time at this moment.