April 18, 2013

Shohag premium - not actually scania vehicle

Shohag bus service in Bangladesh has recently launched its premium service, in place of former volvo service, shohag premium. They claim to use scania vehicles in this service. However, its a blatant lie.
Scania bus has been first introduced in Bangladesh by green line bus service. Their scania service is truly remarkable. With three sits in a row, they provide only 27 sits. Their sits are vrry comforr and body of bus is truly elegant. They actually defined the scania standard and craze in Bangladesh.
Impressed by the polish outlook, I fancied to avail shohag premium service recently. However, I was extremely disappointed. At first look I realized this is not the same scania bus as provided by green line. After examining the bus for less than five minutes, I realized the body of bus is not as good as it first seems. my assumption, from the paint, look of surface and sound of sits while the bus moves, is the body is made in Bangladesh. The sits in the first three row is probably taken from old volvo vehicles. Rest of the sits feels same as normal non - ac bus and does not meet the expected quality of scania service.
I do not complain about the body being made in our country, I rather inspire it. My complain is about their excessive charge in the name of scania. I do not like it.
So before you ride shohag premium, please remember you will not get same service as green line scania even though you are probably paying almost same.
(disclaimer: this is my personal observation, your experience may differ from it. My experience may not reflect the real scenario, but this is my experience in shohag premium.)


  1. thanks i bought shohag tickets from kolkata to dhaka they said its scania lets see and i had shelled out more than greenline

  2. Scania is a Swedish commercial automaker who makes both complete bus and the bus chassis. The Scania buses used by both Greenline and Shohagh are not actually fully built by Scania, only the chassis and engine are. The body and interior including seat layout are made by 3rd party company as ordered by the operators. So, Shohagh premiums are actually Scania, just different seat arrangement and body styling, also more advanced than Greenlines since they have automatic transmission.

    1. In that case Shohag should upgrade their seats and body. We do not pay for the engine only, we mostly pay for comfort and ease of travel which this "third" class body and seats cannot offer.
      If you are from Shohag company, convey it to your management.