March 19, 2013

Bangladesh tops the natural climate danger ranking list

In a recent news published in nature disaster blog, scientists publishes a danger map. In this danger map they showed the natural climate related danger exposed to different countries. Red depicts extreme risk and green depicts low risk associated with a country. Here is the map taken from the article
Bangladesh tops the climate danger list
You can see Dhaka, Bangladesh tops the list, which means Bangladesh is the most vulnerable place to live due to threat of sudden natural calamities. Beside, Bangladesh has a bad law and order situation with very corrupted police force and health professional.

However, I noticed something on the map. The low end of the map is particularly risky in comparison to the upper part of the world. Most of the time this low part of the map is also the lowest income area of the world. Do you think the high income end of the world is saving their back in this case by doing something fishy, both in long term or short term? 

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