March 16, 2013

So, this is how it actually works huh!

The world is not quite what you can think about it. Not positively, not negatively. Whatever you are expecting will not turn out to be the exact case. Mostly things wil surprise you. Each of your action and speech will convey double meaning, though you may not mean them to have more than one meaning. World will not judge you the way it should, no one will be there to pat your back at your mistakes, your wife will start snapping at you, you will start imagine what hell can be, how bitter your friendship were. You will see the end of everything. At times you will have the wish to hang yourself from your seiling
At the same time you will realize someone is passing his /her happiest moment of life, meaning world is rewarding them like once it did to you. Then you will realize this is exactly how the world actually works, like I am realizing at the moment :-(

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