March 18, 2013

Greenline (green line) bus service :: not a green experience before hartal

Greenline (or green line) bus service is quite a respectable inter-city bus service in Bangladesh. Many prefers this service for Dhaka to Chittagong / Dhaka to Cox's Bazar (coxsbazar) / Dhaka to Sylhet transportation. Usually they are good but they change their face before hartal (nationwide shutdown imposed by political parties). I was returning Dhaka from Cox's Bazar at the end of February, 2013. The bus was almost full and some foreigners were also travelling with us. We started on Wednesday night and was supposed to reach Dhaka on Thursday early morning. However, due to huge traffic on the highway we were a little late to reach Dhaka suburb. At this time greenline authority shows their angry red face to the passengers.
They declared after reaching sonargoan, a nearly 30 KM (I am guessing the distance) distant place from Dhaka that they will not carry us to Dhaka and they also refused to help us reach Kachpur bridge (from where we are supposed to manage transport for Dhaka, personally of course). However, other bus service like Soudia, Hanif and other non-AC bus service provider extends helping hands for their passengers. They dropped their passengers up to Kachpur bridge, so they can easily reach Dhaka. I am very disappointed to see this behavior from green line bus service and I am forced to say they are not customer-centric at all. Their supervisors on the bus are not very well mannered also, neither in a normal situation nor in a shutdown scenario. I will not recommend anyone to avail their service, specially before nationwide shutdown. These AC buses cannot run fast, they will be late due to their own problem (fat body) and they will force the consequence on you using unfriendly manners. Rather use any non-AC bus before Hartal. These non-AC bus will take you faster to Dhaka, will take 6 hourse to reach Dhaka whereas green line requires more than 8 hours, and drop out to a place which is more easy to manage and comfortable.   

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