February 26, 2012

Teknaf: a border city of Bangladesh (Photoblog)

Sunset at teknaf beach: from the entrance point

Teknaf is a border city in Bangladesh. It is situated near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, just look at some pictures of the city. I will be providing the travel, accommodation and tourist place information in the last portion of this post.

Taken form wikitravel http://wikitravel.org/en/Teknaf):

Teknaf is the southern-most city on the mainland in Bangladesh, on the narrow strip running along the coast of Myanmar. It's a dusty featureless frontier town - this is remote Bangladesh and it feels like it. Electricity can be scarce, so having a flashlight for the dark evenings is wise.

Close view of sailing boat / fishing boats at Teknaf beach

Chander gari : the public transport of teknaf-they do not have rickshaw

Another sunset scene from beach entrance

Hotel owned by Bangladesh government at Teknaf (Parjatan Motels) 

Another view of parjatan motel at Teknaf

Sailing boats in Teknaf beach (aren't they colorful?)

The sampans

How gracious the sun is at teknaf beach !!

Barmis Market at Teknaf

A big old lizard in parjatan motel at teknaf

Road at night in Teknaf, Be aware-vehicle will come at lightning speed during night in these roads

The Parjatan Motel : Govt. owned hotel and restaurant in Teknaf city
Banner of Parjatan Motel

You can go to teknaf by various bus service, like saint martin service (air conditioned), soudia, yellow line, silver line etc. You can get tickets from fakirapool, kalabagan and other bus counters. Non-AC bus ticket will cost about 800 BDT. I do not know the AC bus fares. 

About accommodation in Teknaf, there are not many good paces to stay. You should have a reservation in parjatan Motel at Teknaf. Otherwise you may face problems regarding good accommodation. For reservation, contact at:

Central reservation, Hotel Abakash83-88, Mahakhali C/A, Dhaka, Bangladeshcall at : (880-2) 9893710, 8811109

For bus services, it will be best if you go to any bus counter and collect tickets. Try to avoid yellow line as their drivers are reckless and stuffs are rude. However, they are the fastest possible way to go to and return from Teknaf.You may note down their numbers:
Jalal - Dhaka End - 01721159947
Ayaz - Teknaf End - 01818401626 


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