February 26, 2012

Mathiner kup:Teknaf, Bangladesh

Stone of Mathine's Kup heritage site
Among the many legendary love stories in Bangladesh, the tale of Mathin, a tribal princess, is very famous. It is a part of history of the coastal city Teknaf, the last town in the southern most part of Bangladesh.
Teknaf is a nearby city of Mayanmer (the arakan). It is an old city, originated back in the middle of early twenteeth century. It was habitated by the tribal community called rakhaine. The tale of Mathine involves this community and one of the police force member of ruling english people at that time.

The tale says, there was a police station in Teknaf. A policeman named Dheeraj was appointed as officer inTeknaf station. It was a calm police station and Dheeraj has nothing to do except random wandering. There was a water hole in the premise of police station and local girls used to fetch water from there. One day Dheeraj noticed few smiling girls fetching water from that water hole. He instantly liked one girl, like it was love at first sight.This girl was Matheen, the Rakhaine princess.

As time passed, they both gets to know each other and become very intimate. Local people arranged their marriage as their love gets spread. Mathin's family gave their consent, only pending formality was consent from Dheeraj's family. During this time, Dheraaj was called from his family informing his father is gravely ill. Dheeraj decided to go, but Mathine did not want him to go. Dheeraj did not obey her.

Mathine got very hurt due to this unwanted departure of Dheeraj. She became sick, and left taking foods. Her landlord father Wanthin tried very much to make his daughter understand, but he failed eventually. Mathine got sick and finally, she died. Thus her love becomes a legend.

Kup of Mathine (Water hole of Mathine-Teknaf)

Inside the water hole

Writing of Mathins history in police station premise

The tale of Mathine's Kup

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