August 09, 2014

Casio 991ES: Security tricks

Casio 991ES has a built-in security tricks. With this method you can check if you got an original Casio 991ES calculator, you can also boss your friends with this knowledge. It may sound silly, but I was surprised seeing the large number of people who do not know it. So I am going to share it with you.

If you have a Casio 991ES, turn it on. Then press Shift+7+On, you will see whole screen goes black, again press shift, screen will become white now, continue pressing. Next operations will be similar as Casio 991Ms calculator, you can see it here, Casio 991MS security tricks to find ingenuity  in my blog. Actually the operations are self-explanatory, you just need to keep pressing different buttons until you get the finishing message.

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