February 12, 2012

Into the jam:once again, with a mad driver

Its again few minutes passed 6:30 pm, i am on road and its again jam, horrible traffic jam.
This time we have crossed a five minutes car distance in about thirty minutes. Our driver is driving like a mad, or more appropriately, like a wrestler. He is continously using his all four hands and legs, sounding his horn, changing lanes and peeking through gaps for a lead.

Well, this is not very unusual here in dhaka, almost eighty parcent of public transport drivers drive in this way,like i said in last post, you will get afraid. These drivers would lost their license in ten minutes, if they drive car in any western country.

They made the road a hell. Don't you dare compete with them in the road, your car will get smashed in minutes.

If you have any options, avoid dhaka in evening at any cost.

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