January 31, 2009

The tricks behind generating electricity without fuel

I have taken this post from "Buetian"(yahoo group). This mail actually explain the tricky part of the so called invention about crating electricity without fuel. If you don't have time, then just look at the bold faced letters.The author of this post is a current student of BUET and he himself visited the inventor. I copied his post.

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Subject: Re: [BUETian] Re: Latest News: Electricity without fuel

hello everyone,

At first I would like to apologize if the mail becomes long..

I think many have seen the news of the fuel less power plant in the newspapers and it was published with much importance in many national dailies around 1st half of january this year. Hearing the news I with two of my friends(They are also from BUET) went to see the power plant..

When we went there, we heard from the persons there that all the big companies of bangladesh are contacting them and even some are coming from DUBAI to buy his invention(!! )

at first the inventor denied to talk with us after 3 hrs waiting, he came to talk with us.. and he talked for a short time in which we were not satisfied..and the next day a meeting with him was arranged with the help of local correspondent of prothom alo.. In which we got chance to talk with him for about 2 hrs..

Now coming to the point.. what he explained.. He first uses a 3 kw dc motor.. it rotates..and 3 kw rotaional power is given as input to a mechanical input which he claims to have discovered.. this mechanical unit converts 3kw power to 30 kw(here is no external input escept 3kw rotational power) and as 30 kw power(rotational) is produced and it is given as input to a alternator which produces 30 kw electrical power... and from this 30 kw out put power one supply is given as input to the 3 kw dc motor and 27 kw is given to other outputs such as fan, lights.. and this 3 kw again produces 30 kw and 3 kw is again returned from the 30 kw output and in this way the machine is running with its own output and even supplying(!) outside and thus he produces a 'perpetual motion machine which also gives output to others'...

THE TRICK: after analyzing his diagram we discussed where the tick was.. as the 3kw output returned from alternator was AC power and he needed DC power for the DC motor input, he used a rectifier.. and he says that for intial 3kw input(which will start his perpetual motion machine) he used a 3 kw battery.. the battery was DC and DC was again converted to AC using an IPS(coming to this point later) and this AC was converted to DC using rectifier as mentioned earlier..HERE IS THE TRICK.. Why should he need an IPS to convert AC from DC whereas inverter is available.. And the cost of the IPS was 2.5 lakhs and he claimed it to buy from outside bangladesh.. . Though he denied to disclose the rating of the IPS but it is a common sense that a IPS of taka 2.5 laks was enough to power the units he showed in the demonstartion. . He also said that his invention cant supply power for more than 2 hrs...Here we get it..And IPS also cant supplt power for more than this
period of time.So here it goes.. all the units were being powered from the IPS for two hrs and after that he denied to show any demonstration. .

He denied to run the machine to such an extent that,, When an army official asked him to run the machine after 3 days when the General of army was scheduled to visit dinajpur..the Army official said him that if he runs the machine after 3 days, he could arrange a visit from the General to his plant.. But he denied that offer..He said that it was not possible.. Then what demonstration could he give to us....


We could convince the local administration that this type of discovery was not possible we also explained them the trick... Finally they decided to have it examined by experts and after that we have no news from the inventor.

We see that during the demonstration of this type of invention no technical experts are present..Only we find is prominent businessmen and some from the chamber of commerce..

I also like to request the businessmen to NOT donate money to this type of lame project where there is many desreving people in BD who really can make a difference..

Again I apologize for the length of the mail.. I needed all those words to explain it correctly... If there is any further query, I willl be very glad to answer those..

AK sagar
Dept of EEE
L-3 T-1

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